INSTILL TERROR is a name to keep tabs on if you’re a fan of heavy music. This is a solo project by Martin Porter (also of Sold Soul, Columbine) with a modernized “death djent” sound that could easily be recommended to fans of Humanity’s Last Breath, Earth Eater, and the whole “THALL” approach to heavy music.

Currently, a new album by the name “Prophet of Resent” is prepared to smash the world! In support, an all new single by the name of “DOOM” has been released! You can give this a spin along with the previous single “Pestilence” down below. Be sure to buckle up before hitting play! Nasty impacts ahead…

If you enjoy the impact this track brings, stay tuned! There’s more on the way… You can also follow along with Instill Terror’s progress on platforms like Facebook.

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