Presenting Spylights! This is a new prog / alt rock unit making themselves known from New Orleans. They just launched a new EP to show what they’re capable of and it appears they’re capable of a lot!

In support, we’re now streaming the track “Constellations” via YouTube! You can find this, along with another single “Batty Fang”, by looking at the videos provided below.

One of the beauties surrounding this band is that every number comes with its own personality. While the band does have a core prog / alt rock sound, they run all over the place with it which makes for an enjoyable experience I’m sure a number of you will enjoy!

If you want to add the music to your collection, all the relevant links can be found by CLICKING HERE (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, etc). Furthermore, you can give the band a follow over on Facebook to see what happens next!

Links: Facebook // Purchase