HEY NERDS! Konami Kode is back.

Konami Kode is a two man musical unit on the rise from Arkansas. They deliver a high energy Prog Metalcore / Djent sound. The line-up is composed of Matt Bernal (also of The Lucid Archetype – CLICK HERE to listen) and a recently fleshed out series of members including new vocalist Austin Gilliam, guitarist Brandon Gilliam, drummer Tommy O’Meara, and bassist Jason Simons.

Speaking of new things, a re-release version of the debut EP “Press Start” is currently being rolled out. This comes with the chops of their new vocalist among other things. You can listen to the new version of “Dreams of the Fayth” down below!

If you want to add the music to your collection, you may do so through platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Also be sure to follow along with the band on Facebook for any and all upcoming goods!

Links: Facebook // Spotify // Apple Music