Here are the new records that will be coming out this week! If you’d like to see releases added to the list for future weeks, contact us by clicking here.

Almanac – Rush of Death

Body Count – Carnivore

Born in Exile – Transcendence

Burning Witches – Dance With The Devil

Crematory – Unbroken

Disembowel – Echoes of Terror

Earth Groans – Prettiest Of Things

Earth Rot – Black Tides Of Obscurity

Eciton – Suspension of Disbelief

Graveslave – Devotion

My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion

Novena – Eleventh Hour

Pure Wrath – The Forlorn Soldier

Ross The Boss – Born Of Fire

Scarab – Martyrs of the Storm

Semblant – Obscura

Shock Proof – The Will the Reason and the Wire

Silverstein – A Beautiful Place To Drown

Trauma – Ominous Black

Viscera – Obsidian

Wombbath – Choirs Of The Fallen