THE LUCID ARCHETYPE just launched a visually compelling lyric video for their massive new track “Implications and Consequence”! Give the goods a spin right here:

After a year of silence from grad school and pre-reqs, The Lucid Archetype are back at it with “Implications and Consequence”.

Video by Austin Gilliam
Lyric Animations by Brian Fulks

Mixing/Mastery by Simon Pettiford @ DarkenedDreamsAudio.Net

Ibanez RGA8
Bareknuckle Ragnarok Pickups
Horizon Devices Precision Drive
Axe Fx II
Toneforge Misha Mansoor
GGD Modern and Massive
Shure SM7B + Cloudlifter CL-1
Apogee Ensemble

Lyric Animations made with Notability and iMovie

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