DEAD TEARS – Wretched Earth
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Iraq
For fans of: Kalmah, Be’lakor, At The Gates, Wintersun, Carcass

Album concept description:

An album that describes the atrocities of human nature, it shows the dark side of man that has caused the most horrible and unimaginable acts throughout history. With blindfolded societies, fueled by greed, it became a machine that destroys everything in its way for the purpose of power and dominance.
It’s about how our actions are leading us to our own end.
Including some songs describing actual historical events of real brutalities committed by humans.


01. Wretched Earth 0:00
02. Mortality Salience 4:59
03. Undeniable Existence 9:04
04. Psychopathic Science 13:41
05. Passage to The Abyss 17:41
06. Thus Passes The Glory of The World 24:12
07. A Corrupt Race 28:28
08. Serene Silence 32:16
09. Slaves of The Blind Mirror 33:44
10. In The Vicinity of Death 39:08
11. Faded Intellect 42:48
12. Necropolis of The Damned 47:34
13- In The Grave 51:59

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