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The Bleeding – Rise Into Nothing

Caliban – Zeitgeister

The Ember, The Ash – Fixation

Grave Miasma – Abyss Of Wrathful Deities

Internal Organs External – Apocalyptic Domination

The Monolith Deathcult – V3 – Vernedering: Connect the Goddamn Dots

Mouth For War – Life Cast In Glass

Myles Kennedy – The Ides Of March

Perverted Dexterity – Alacrity for Contemptuous Dissonance

Pessimist – Cult of the Initiated

Scar Of The Sun – Inertia

SeeYouSpaceCowboy / If I Die First – A Sure Disaster

Sněť – Mokvání V Okovech

Seventh Crystal – Delirium

Sunbomb – Evil And Divine

Zombi – Liquid Crystal