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The Absence – Coffinized

Amenra – De Doorn

Beartooth – Below

Beleth – Silent Genesis

Cathexis – Untethered Abyss

Cerebral Rot – Excretion Of Mortality

Darkthrone – Eternal Hails……

Drug Church – Tawny

Empire Of Disease – With All My Hate

Empyreal Vault – Judgement

ExitWounds – Heavy Is Empty (Hell Is In My Mind)

Fractal Universe – The Impassable Horizon

Hellish Form – Remains

Iceburn – Asclepius

Imperial Triumphant – Inceste

Light The Torch – You Will Be The Death Of Me

Mental Cavity – Mass Rebel Infest

Nephren-Ka – From Agony to Transcendence

Nifrost – Orkja

Pestilence – Exitivm

Requiem – Collapse Into Chaos

Scale The Summit – Subjects

Solus Ex Inferis – Daemones Ceramici

Thy Catafalque – Vadak

Urne – Serpent & Spirit

Withered – Verloren