As I recently stated in the Sean Hall review… Back in 2010, the band Elitist unleashed one of the more rhythmically complex records to ever bless my ears. The EP “Caves” bent the listeners mind from start to finish. The Los Angeles based band experienced several line up changes following that release, losing both their drummer Robert Platz and vocalist Jacob Katz (oh, the rhymes). These changes had a noticeable effect on their follow up EP “Earth”. Though it was a good release, it didn’t have the same ‘umph’ that “Caves” did. And after that there were even more line up changes, losing Sean Hall as well. They released a single titled “Dreamwalker” which was interesting, but here’s a shocker… there were more line up changes. Ultimately the band settled with original members Julian Rodriguez, the driving force and lead guitarist of Elitist, and Mike Danese on bass. New members include Chris Balay on vocals (worked with Julian on the Forever Orion project), and Ben Kazenoff on drums. After the last single, hopes for a full length were mounting.

As of yesterday, that full length is officially finished and will be coming out this Fall. Pre-orders will be available within a few weeks. The band recently released the title track “Reshape Reason” which can get stuck in your head easily along with a playthough. They also released a “Making Of” video of the new album which goes fairly in depth. All of the above can be found below.

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