Shadows Fall has always been a solid band.  Combining elements of both Thrash and Metalcore, this five-piece group from Massachusetts have played an important role in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.  It’s safe to say that after the release of Fire From The Sky in May of this year these guys are still going strong.  Like any of their previous albums, you can expect plenty of melodic solos, intense drumming, and Brian Fair’s hardcore barking contrasted with his and guitarist Matt Bachand’s clean singing.  One of the most note worthy things about this album is the fact that Adam D. produced it (the only other Shadows Fall album that he produced was their debut Somber Eyes to the Sky).  The good news is that both Adam D. and Shadows Fall have had about 15 years to perfect their quality of creating music.

Another high point on this album is the use of death growls.  Any long time fan of Shadows Fall knows that this is not a new vocal technique for the band, seeing as how their first three albums Somber Eyes to the Sky, Of One Blood, and The Art of Balance used them frequently.  Although the guttural lows aren’t as rampant as they were in the earliest albums they definitely fit well in songs such as “Weight of the World”, “The Wasteland” and the album’s title track.  Fire From The Sky also contains much darker lyrics than previous albums as well as apocalyptic themes.  There really aren’t any low points on this album, but don’t expect anything too different. Shadows Fall has created a musical formula that works for them and pleases several fans, including myself.  In conclusion, Fire From The Sky is an excellent addition to any long term fan’s collection and a great album for curious metalheads to begin with.               

P.S. If you are interested in this band and haven’t picked up this album yet I would strongly recommend purchasing the Best Buy addition for a couple of bonus tracks.


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