We met Affiance at Warped Tour. Their debut album was the first and only CD I’ve ever bought at a show, and I’ve been to too many shows. I didn’t recognize them at first, but when I listened to the sample they were passing around I knew exactly who I was talking to. I had seen their music video for “Call To The Warrior” randomly a few months prior and thought it was great… and hilarious but lost track of them until actually meeting them. I have that video posted below along with a lyric video for their newest song. Rumor has they have a new album coming this Fall. Watch out. When you listen to this band, you will notice how much the singer stands out with his crazy range matched with vocal power. Talked with him for a bit, really funny dude. The rest of the band is pretty good too, throwing in solos, catchy riffs, and such to create a slightly varied, more interesting than usual metalcore sound. They professed their love to me when I bought the album “No Secrets Revealed” so I thought I’d spread the love here. Give Affiance a good listen.


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