Evan Brewer of The Faceless (ex-Animosity, Reflux) released a solo album last year featuring one main instrument, the bass guitar. For those who don’t know, Evan Brewer is a bass virtuoso. In other words, a master of slappeh de bass. “Alone” is an insanely awesome and experimental record. Anyone who appreciates musicianship and creativity should really give it a listen. Evan just released a music video for the track “Vertigo” over a year later in support of that album. This seems to be a trend among Sumerian’s solo acts as Francesco Artusato also released a video well after his album’s release date. Anyways, the video is great and really goes with the theme of the album. The song feels like entering an elevator… with a an ultra talented metal bassist. Watch the video for “Vertigo” below and check out the other videos of Evan Brewer being a boss. Especially the one with him playing the two bass guitars at once.

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