“Imagine you are having this tremendous headache. You live near metro, railway, seaport and airport. Your neighbor is fixing his apartment. It’s raining outside, and the drops are biggest you’ve ever seen, or heard. Thunder is banging. No rest, no silence. Add a melody. It’s us.” That’s how Sons Of Kings describe themselves. I disagree! I like their second description much better, “The sound of mountains moving.” Yeaaah, that’s much better. I hate headaches.

Anyone dig atmospheric music as much as me? If yes, check this out. Sons of Kings is a progressive, doom, stoner rock band with big ol’ soundscapes. Coming from the south west of Finland, this band just dropped their second release “Emersion”. You can listen to the 30+ minutes of atmospheric goodness below. And if you like it, show them some love and grab it here while copies are still in stock. They ship worldwide!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Official Website