Dissipate emerge as the first American band to be signed to the incredible Basick Records. And their debut EP “Tectonics” will be hitting stores internationally in less than a week… but you can listen to it right now! The band decided to stream the entire EP online prior to the official release. Listen here.

To describe the sound Dissipate brings to the table, several words come to mind. Crushing, chaotic, complex, experimental, technical, huge, and heavy as hell. Brutality can become stale with some bands, not these guys. They manage to keep things fresh while crushing your skull. This band is not afraid to think outside the box… and I mean far outside the box. Many passages throughout these songs are very unconventional and very awesome. Dissipate proves to be a creative force on “Tectonics”.

The musical unit itself is composed of four members. The beastly Mike Gianelli weaves complexities on guitar along with rhythmical titan Jeff Faria on drums and JT slapping the bass. Josh Foster provides vocals ranging from a ripping scream to clean melodies. Altogether, they make some very effective, very moshable music.

Every song on “Tectonics” has something cool going on. From the heavy edge of the opener “Motion” to the shaking foundation of the title track closer, “Tectonics”. Even the one minute interlude “Fragments Lost” is just plain awesome. It’s definitely recommended you give the whole thing a listen or three.

There are minor flaws, but I personally have no real criticisms of the Dissipate debut. Objectively, some people may not appreciate the brutal Deathcore side of this band, but those people are irrelevant. This is a great, creative, heavy effort from Dissipate. There is a lot of potential here. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this band goes.

To sum things up, if you dig metal that’s heavy enough to shift tectonic plates, this EP was made for your ears. Give the track above a listen, check out the stream if you haven’t already, and grab the album right here if you like what you hear. It offically drops November 19th in Europe and the 20th in the U.S. Earthquakes incoming!

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