Big news from the Basick Records camp today! Coming out of Chicago, incredible Prog Metal talents Alaya (previously known as The Alaya Conscious) have just inked with the label. These guys really stand apart from most bands out there with a genre defying melodic style. No harsh vocals included. Vocalist / guitarist Evan Graham Dunn lets loose with a gritty, rock-infused voice while hammering out tech-heavy rhythms and riffs simultaneously. Very impressive. David Jacob Robison keeps a steady groove on drums with enough ghost notes to haunt your ears. Michael Brandt Rinkenberger (notice all the middle names? haha) provides the rumble from down under on bass like the pro he is. This three piece is rock solid and an excellent signing from Basick (as usual).

Alaya just dropped a new music video for their single “Inside”. Weaving melody through intense rhythmic segments, it really demonstrates just how tight this musical unit is. It’s all for the purpose of hyping up their debut full-length “Thrones” which should be epic to say the least. And rumor has it, the 13 track record is coming soon! Enjoy the music and stay tuned for more!

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