Hailing from Minnesota, Reflections is quickly becoming a staple of the modern day “djent” scene. No need to reflect on that. Bringing a very high level of talent and huge doses of heaviness in their music, this band’s name has been spreading across the world’s metal underground like wildfire. And they are only getting started.

Reflections dropped their impressive debut “The Fantasy Effect” last year. It clocked in at 42 minutes of pure, technical kick assery, spawning serious hype and success in the metal community. In support of the album, the band released several amazing play throughs. One of which is nearing 400,000 views on Youtube. It’s definitely recommended you check out the shredding mind fucks of “…And Found” along with some more reflective goods below. And if you dig the music… go buy it!

The band is still young and I’m sure they’ve only scratched at the surface of their full potential. Rumor has it Reflections has been working on new material which will blow minds. Mark my words, this is definitely a band to watch out for.

And did I mention Reflections will be touring alongside Born of Osiris through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa? You know what to do.

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