“Can you believe that we’ve been a band for 13 years and counting? We’ve finally decided to take matters into our own hands and want to raise money for the album directly from the people who have helped keep this band going all these years. In this time, we’ve release 3 full length albums, a live DVD/CD, as well as an EP and a 7 inch. We’ve toured all over the world (but still wanting to check off more destinations and visit more places) and pretty much lived and breathed this band as long as we’ve been in existence.
We are finally free from all obligations and want to be in control of our “careers”. In general, the record industry is backwards and we’d be stupid to renegotiate with anyone at this time. Crowdfunding seems to be something that’s working. Whether or not this is the next thing for the music industry, it’s a way that supporters of a band can know exactly where their hard earned dollars are going. No middlemen, no commissions, no bullshit.”
That’s right! There’s a new Protest The Hero record on the way and they’re going independent. The band is aiming to raise $125,000… they’ve already raised $150,000+ in less than a day… That’s what I call a committed fan base! You can still chip in some money right here. There’s all kinds of perks that come with your support ranging from getting a digital download of the album (boring….) to having a pizza party with the band! Or making them cover whatever song you like in whatever style you like! Or even BEING ON THE ALBUM. Sound appealing? Cough up the dough within the next 30 days. In the mean time watch the band’s announcement video for laughs and clips of amazing music. We also included some PTH classics under that. Enjoy!

 Links: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes // Fundraiser