It looks like the new Meshuggah release decided to arrive early. My night is made. The car manufacturer Scion is a known, big time supporter of metal. They have a history of working with / promoting awesome bands and releasing brand new music free of charge. They’ve recently done this with Arsis, Revocation, and Immolation among others. Turns out Meshuggah is latest band on this list. You read that correctly… FREE MESHUGGAH MUSIC \m/ (Jens Kidman Face) \m/ Go grab it below!

The single actually consists of two tracks, the first being the main event “Pitch Black”. This is followed by a live recording / obZen flashback of “Dancers To A Discordant System”. All in all it clocks in at nearly 16 minutes of the Math Metal innovators doing what they do best.

“Pitch Black” isn’t a song, it’s a slow descent into an endless abyss of polyrhythms (ok, maybe not endless). Meshuggah has a way of painting mathematical pictures through their music, and this single is no exception. Weaving through the eerie mists of deep grooves, you’ll step into oblivion. Most of the song is instrumental and there’s great musical chaos to be had here. Jens Kidman sits out as drummer Thomas Haake gives a spoken chant to send you off into awesome, groovy greatness.

The “Dancers To A Discordant System” live performance is spot on as to be expected. At The Circle Pit, we’re fairly convinced Meshuggah are robots designed by the Swedish government. They never miss a beat, these guys. Hoping to see them very soon with Animals As Leaders and Intronaut. Click here to see what I’m talking about.

I can’t criticize this release musically or objectively. Meshuggah is the shit. Period. I HIGHLY recommend you download this. If you didn’t see the link, it’s down below. If you wanna give it a listen first, both tracks are available right here, right now. Enjoy \m/



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