There’s a massive sound booming from Rome. With big time scale, heaviness, technicality, and the chaos of battle infused, Ade plays Death Metal… Ancient Roman Death Metal. Brutal… \m/

When I first heard the single “Duelling The Shadow of Spartacus”, I was blown away and immediately became a fan. Brilliant music! These dudes are creative, fierce, and intelligent with a worldly feel to boot. The single was released in support of the band’s upcoming record, “Spartacus”, which will be bringing the battle to you in Spring courtesy of Blast Head Records. This is most definitely an album to look out for. I highly recommend you go give the single a listen. Watch out though, ya might lose a limb in combat.

The band also released a second song exclusively through the Gun Shy Assassin’s website. Go ahead and give “Mars Unpredictable Favor” a listen or three.

All kinds of pre-orders have also been made available. Grab yours here if you enjoy what you’re hearing!

Links: Facebook // Blast Head Records // Pre-Orders