I’m sure this is some of the most evil and crazy music you’ll ever try listening to. Psyopus is a mathcore/grindcore unit hailing from Rochester, NY.

This is a band with a curious history. In 2001 guitarist Christopher Arp took part in the auditions to become Limp Bizkit’s new guitarist (Limp Bizkit…WTF?), but the auditions ended with no winner. Disappointed by the result, he decided to start a new insane, angry musical project and he founded Psyopus in 2002. Their debut album “Ideas Of Reference” came out in 2004 via Black Market Activities. After that, they got signed to Metal Blade Records and released two more albums: 2007 “Our Puzzling Encounters Considered” and 2009 “Odd Senses” (love this one!).

I’m sure this band is going to strike you for the pure insanity and moreso for the amazing skill and originality of guitarist Christopher Arp. Their music is really hard to describe so the best thing I can do is recommend you listen to it below. Ehm…and use some kind of precaution, please.


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