Tuesday, metal band Dark Sermon released a music video for “Hounds” off their newest album “In Tongues” that also was released that day. The video is filled with elements that most metal bands embody. There’s headbanging, a dark dungeon like room, a hell hound, blood, and a nice contrast with this pretty lady dressed in white.
“Hounds” is obviously a hard hitting song and Dark Sermon needed to reflect that with a meaningful video. I really am in love with the contrast that they included as well as a story line. Some music videos just don’t make sense- at all. From what I’ve heard thus far, “Hounds” is also one of my favorite tracks off of “In Tongues”. While I haven’t listened to all of the album in it’s entirety, this track is a standout one for me. 
So check the video out and give Dark Sermon a “like” on Facebook. You won’t be dissapointed. You can purchase the album here on iTunes or here for a physical copy of the album.  

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