“The Manipulation Theory” was just the beginning for Czech Republic’s very own Modern Day Babylon. That EP is a “must have” for people who like groooovin’. They popped onto the scene back in 2011, not very long ago but if you consider the mass amount of music that has been released in this genre from then to now its actually pretty impressive how well this instrumental ambi-djent thingy holds up. It’s super bouncy and filled with soothing background noises. It has feelings of “old periphery” a funny term I know, but if you take a listen you’ll know what I mean. The Manipulation Theory had me hooked as soon as it loaded through my speakers…I heard a trippy spaceman type voice, then I was extensively teased with bits of a groove riff for a suspenseful 30 seconds then graciously rewarded with those thick guitar whomps that we all love.

Modern Day Babylon is looking to move onward in music and wow! They are well on their way with a release of their single “Differentiate” which includes a vocalist. The cleans are rather majestic and gives the listener a floaty feeling when combined with the ambience then snapping back to screams during the deep rhythmic sections. I make these comparisons loosely in hopes of helping you to identify with some of the less popular bands. But this song comes off as more Tesseract-ish. It is very apparent that this band has grown from their first release and they mean business. Be sure to jump over to their pages and keep posted on the upcoming LP.

– Tyler Dermitt

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