After Orange County, NY metal band My Bitter End released “The Renovation” on Uprising Records, they decided to act on every fan’s worst nightmare. They went on hiatus. With six years of various endeavors (members played in Dr. Acula and Through The Eyes of the Dead), My Bitter End has returned with “Nostalgic Sentiments.” The EP dropped to hungry fans on Tuesday and has received much praise. 

“Nostalgic Sentiments” is a whirlwind of six tracks complete with gutturals, squeals, and blast beats that fans crave. While a full length album would have been more fitting after such an extended hiatus, the EP gives us a taste of what’s to come from My Bitter End. It also showcases the growth the band has gone through.

“Becoming Misfortune” from “The Renovation” was re-recorded for this EP and it was a great decision. Tyler Guida’s vocals have matured with age and his low screams are just as effective as his high screams- something most metalcore bands lack. Michael Ranne’s drumming has also improved and is seen the most in this revised track. I feel that the hiatus while sad was necessary for the development of My Bitter End.
Another thing that’s noteworthy about My Bitter End is that you can actually hear their lyrics without rushing to the internet to decipher the screams. Guida articulates the lyrics well especially on “The Dividing Line.” While I feel this track isn’t the strongest on the EP, it continues to demonstrate how the boys of My Bitter End have progressed musically. They experiment with different riffs and try to establish themselves as a separate entity of the metal scene. 

Overall, “Nostalgic Sentiments” is a solid indicator of the direction that My Bitter End is heading towards and I approve. You can listen to the album on Spotify for yourself and then you can buy it (I know you will) on iTunes or you can buy a physical copy here.


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