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RA = Rick Armellino
MT = Mike Thall
MT – First off, I wanna thank you for your time. A few members from our team, myself included, have been listening to This or the Apocalypse since “Sentinels”.
RA – Holy crap, since then? You got to see like 5 of my massive depressions! Rad!
MT – Hell yeah! Gotta support the local talent. Speaking of which, a lot of people consider you guys one of the big 3 coming out of the Lancaster, PA area alongside August Burns Red and Texas In July. How does farming inspire so much awesome metal?
RA – You couldn’t ever convince me that I’m doing something other than being a dude without a job who’s just having fun on the road. Bigger picture stuff isn’t up to the artist. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished but at the end of the day we are a product of circumstance and lucked out from where we came out of. Hit 3 strawberries at the slots.
MT – There’s a lot of truth to that man. Speaking of luck, Aaron Ovecka is a BEAST behind the kit. We’ve been following his online covers for a long ass time now. I was personally stoked to hear he would be filling the spot Grant McFarland left. How did you stumble on him and how do you feel about the elements he’s brought to your sound?
RA – Morgan from I the Breather shot him our way. He tried out amongst maybe 12 other people and we just knew he was it the moment we saw him. He’s got a way different flair and we wanted someone with the fluidity that he has. He does a lot of cool ghost note grooves and plays with the velocities of his hits a lot… Just has a great concept of rhythm and a great attitude.
MT – Drummers recommending drummers. Good shit. Aaron seems like a stand up dude for sure. And with his addition to the band, you put out the record “Dead Years” last year. Can you tell us a bit about that album and what went into it?
RA – Worst year ever. Glad it made a record that people seem to shame us less over than the other ones.
MT – Damn, at least some good came from the bad. Do you have any favorite songs from the album?
RA – Nah, it changes from day to day.
MT – Understandable. How do you feel about the response to the record?
RA – I have a different life now. People seem to take me seriously. I get requested to do guest vocals on the reg. Our headliners are drawing great numbers and people seem to just see us for who we are more. It just rules. I’m so glad people felt it.
MT – Yeah man, the album’s crazy! And talking about headliners, your live performance is crazy too. Anyone who’s seen you and survived would agree… unless if they’re a pansy. Now here’s the question – If you had to pick one or two favorite gigs, what would they be?
RA – I really couldn’t choose. I mean, we played the championship in Lemoyne and it was just fucking great the other day. We have toured 31 times so there are too many shows to consider.
MT- Ohhh yeeeeah, Lemoyne doesn’t mess around. Small stage, no security. That is a lot of touring though. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?
RA – “Hey this is Carl Severson, I manage a label called Ferret Records. You got a minute?”
“Bullshit. Who is this?”
“Oh. I gotta play a really bad show can I call you back?”
MT – Damn, just like that! That’s nuts man. What are your plans for the rest of the year?
RA – Tour and work.
MT – Yep, we know you guys work hard. Any new music in progress?
RA – Yeah, have a collection of like 6 or 7 songs that could just go into the studio right now.
MT –  Awesome! Looking forward to giving them a listen. But I sure as hell am not looking forward to the apocalypse, what’s my other option – this?
RA – Total pandemonium. What we already have.
MT – The truth man. Thanks again Ricky. That’s all we have for now. Don’t forget to check the contest we have going on with This or the Apocalypse right now. Go win free shit!

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