We’re gonna be taking a bit of a sidestep with Belgian / France based Progressive Rock band Arrow Haze. Project of famed Youtube shredder MattRach (86 million views and counting here), this album is like a classic rock update both metaphorically and literally with an 8 string guitar meeting a 6.

Arrow Haze brings that classic style into the new era with shades of Rush, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, U2, and even a touch of Iron Maiden at times. All that music I’m sure some of you grew up listening to. At the very least I did and that’s exactly why this band stands out to me.

They released their debut full-length “Music Factory” in November of last year. It packed a punch through various methods and sounds. The band pulls off everything from laid back to more upbeat tunes with ballads in between. All and all, a good offering.

It’s safe to bet the first track off the album, “Casino”, sets the mood for the rest of what’s to come. It starts off with a slow tempo that begins to build up and than comes down on you with nothing but power. When the lead comes in, it may just tug at your heart. Definitely worth a couple rewinds. This is an excellent way to introduce the band to those they have not heard of these guys before.

Another big track would be the single “Crisis”. The riffs and solos in that song get me every time. This band does a great job of bringing those good feeling vibes to the Progressive Rock world. These are the kind of songs that will get stuck in your head in a good way.

Other enjoyable tracks from the album are “Confirm The Message”, “Routine”, “Elly Kedward”, and “Along The Way” among others. It has to be said some don’t shine as brightly though. Filler can be found in certain segments, especially when the guitarists aren’t going off.

If you haven’t gathered from the descriptions yet, this is a very guitar based album. The singer / bass / and drums are frankly okay, but the two guitarists are a step above taking on the spotlight head first and successfully driving most songs from start to finish.

If you have not heard of Arrow Haze before and have those classic rock taste buds, this is definitely a band you should check out. Overall, this album deserves a solid listen to all those that are addicted to some good kick-back, guitar driven music and smoking blunts \m/

– Zelco

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