In the past few years France’s metal fan base has been rapidly expanding, outlining a very interesting heavy music community and giving birth to some truly amazing bands. The 3 biggest names are currently Eths (who added a progressive twist to their groove metal sound in their latest album “III”), the progressive death metal masters Hacride (who are going to release a new album “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” in 2013) and especially Gojira, who are currently the band which every French metalhead should be proud of. Their 2012 album “L’Enfant Sauvage” was acclaimed as 2012’s album of the year by a large portion of the specialized press.
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A lot of incredible music recently emerged from the underground: I’m sure a lot of you have been blown away by the greatness of Uneven Structure music. Their uplifting music and atmospheres are some of the best things to come out of the djent / thall scene so far. Uneven Structure’s 2011 album “Februus” is something you absolutely MUST give a listen to, if you haven’t yet. It was actually named our 2011 album of the year. We also strongly recommend you to give a listen to WorC, the solo project of Uneven Structures guitarist Aurélien Perreira and Eggeh, the project of other guirarist Igor Omodei if you’re looking for some similar amazing material. THALL.

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In the wake of Gojira’s dark sounds, we can find 3 amazing bands who create impressive music covered by gloomy atmospheres… and they all released an album in 2012. The first one, Blut Aus Nord, is by now a black metal legend. Formed in 1994 as a solo project by Vindsval (currently vocalist and guitarist), this avant-garde black metal band released their 10th studio album in 2012, “777 – Cosmophony” the third episode of their “777” trilogy. It was anticipated by two more releases in 2011, “Sect(s)” and “The Desantification”. Give a listen below to one of the tracks out of their last album.

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Eryn Non Dae. is another french band meeting with success right now, especially in Europe thanks to their 2012 album “Meliora”. They deliver downtempo sounds using huge and heavy guitars immersed into an obscure atmosphere. Their latest album, the third of their career, was largely appreciated by the critics too. They’ve also became popular as a live band playing a lot of shows in France and all around Europe, also in support of Hacride. This summer they’ll also be playing at Hellfest in France and UK Tech-Fest.

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And if you’re searching for some experimental and psychedelic metal, you’re in the right place! Hypno5e is a progressive metal band bringing dark progressive metal especially built on ambiance. Amazing soundscapes and 10 minute-long musical experiences make this band a must listen. They have toured throughout France and the United States with other bands such as Gojira, The Ocean Collective, Watcha, Black Bomb Ä and Eths. Since their birth in 2003, they’ve released a demo, an EP and two albums. The first one, “Des Deux L’une Est L’autre”, was released in 2007, but they reached the summit of their musical research in 2012 with the mind-blowing album “Acid Mist Tomorrow”. A videoclip for the single “Story Of The Eye” was uploaded on Got-Djent’s YouTube channel and you better give it a listen right now.

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Another band who definitely deserves a mention is Atlantis Chronicles. This forthcoming five-piece band is the most promising thing to come out of Paris underground metal scene. They just released their debut album “Ten Miles Underwater” through Coroner Records in March. An amazing concept album wich showed everyone the amazing skills and talent of this great musicians. A powerfull mix of death, progressive and hardcore wich might really takes “Ten Miles Underwater” to become one of the best debut albums of the year. Check em out!

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There’s really a lot of incredible stuff coming out of France, and it all deserves to be promoted properly. Therefore Exploring The World is  coming back to France soon to discover a lot more amazing French metal. Stay tuned \m/