The unforgotten “Misery Signals” will be making an official return after a long five years hiatus. In support of their return, a fan-funded campaign was launched that enables the fans to directly contribute to the creation of the album by simply choosing any new “Misery Signals” merch package; much like “Protest The Hero”. Although, “Misery Signals” has reached their goal of $50,000 you can still contribute and purchase the album or a variety of other options by visiting HERE.

“I think every band aims to progress with each album they write. But sometimes progression is learning what worked really well the previous records and incorporating those elements. So far these new songs feel like a purposeful blend of our most recent, more structured “Controller” record mixed with the chaos and spontaneity of the earlier “Of Malice and the Magnum Heart” – vocalist Karl Schubach

The fact that Schubach cites two all-time personal favorite albums when speaking with regards to a new album gives me loads of anticipatory jitters. This suspense is rather easily conquered by listening to any given existing “Misery Signals” jingle. Hell! Even “Solace,” the solo project of Schubach gets the job done. As a long time “Misery Signals” fanboy…I,T-Dog…will now share a personal favorite track from each Misery Signal album, Solace included. Probably the hardest thing I have done all week…

To learn more about the new album follow the Misery Signals:
Transmission video update series. The first two installments have been
uploaded for your viewing pleasure right here and here.

– Tyler Dermitt

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