Persefone is an amazing band hailing from Andorra, (which for those of us who aren’t good at geography, is in the Pyrenean Mountains, on the border line between Spain and France). They’ve been playing together for more than ten years now, releasing four albums “Truth inside the Shades”, “Core”, “Shin-ken” and the latest one “Spiritual Migration”. Their most recent effort was released last month and was met with a really good response from listeners.

They bring a hard-hitting and sharp melodic death metal sound with a lot of progressive and modern metal influences. Their music is highly technical, and they use a lot of complex rhythmic structures and riffage. Even the melodic parts are incredibly intricate, but that doesn’t weaken their powerful and theatrical effect.

Persefone have also released a video for the great 10 minute title-track “Spiritual Migration”. Check it out below along with some other tracks from the new album. Support this band if you like what you hear!


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