Honestly, I don’t think metal band Surrounded By Monsters can be categorized any further. They have moments reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan, glassjaw, and Iwrestledabearonce. The diversity of the sound correlates with their lineup as well. Keyboardist and backing vocalist Traci Pason brings feminine energy and influence to the male dominated group.

The more females I find through this segment every week, the happier I become. They all serve as idols for the female fan base in the genre and show that you don’t have to always be the next Kelly Clarkson or Nicki Minaj and sell yourself out for fame. Pason is in the elite league of females that have been featured in this segment.

Pason’s vocals hit just as hard as the screams that Mike Batson delivers. Her keyboard also serves a purpose in songs such as “New Blood” and “Dr Phuck.” With some bands, the keyboard serves as a filler of sorts but not with Surrounded By Monsters. Pason’s keyboard fits seamlessly with the tone of the whole track and is a different take in the metal scene.

Surrounded By Monsters is currently on The Decrepit Youth Tour with King Conquer and shows no plans of slowing down. Their newest album “Novella” is available on iTunes here and hopefully, new material will be in the works soon.


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