I don’t care how hardcore you think you are. If you see a puppy, you’re going to have a smile on your face and let out an obligatory “Aw look at the cute puppy!” Yeah, Rochester, NY hardcore guys Sirens And Sailors know that feel and decided to play on the cuteness of puppies with their music video for “Birthday Parties For Puppies” off their debut album “Still Breathing.”

Of course, a group of dogs needed to celebrate their birthday with a kick ass performance from Sirens and Sailors. Balloons cover the floor as the guys stomp and party with their pups. Guitarist Todd Golder even joins his canine friends with eating doggy biscuits. That’s a pretty unique party. A cake with the band’s sail crew logo on it is devoured by the cute pups and you can’t help but smile during the whole music video. Sirens and Sailors definitely want to be different from any other band in the genre and they proved themselves with this strange yet adorable music video.
Be sure to follow Sirens and Sailors on Facebook. They’re currently on The Boundaries tour with In Dying Arms and Stand Your Ground while planning to finish up their new album sometime this year. Take some advice and go party with your best friend that doesn’t talk back. We all know you have a heart guys.

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