The day is coming… As we slowly get closer to the long-awaited release date of Means End debut full-length album “The Didact” (dropping on May 1st) the band decided to up the anticipation by giving us a taste of their new material. In addition to a 15 minute teaser with previews from every track, they’ve released their first ever music video. The chosen song is the 9th track from their new album “Nox Aurumque”.

Let me explain to you what we’re talking about. “Nox Aurumque” is a song created by the American Grammy Award-winning composer Eric Whitacre, a contemporary choir composer much appreciated by all the members of this Swedish band. With his collaboration, Means End re-imagined the piece and recorded “a linear tempo metal song with lead vocals” trying to stay true to the original. And the result is pretty damn  stunning. The lyrics for the song were originally written by Charles Anthony Silvestri and are now sung by the front man Robert Luciani (ex-Vildhjarta) in ancient Latin! The video was premiered by and can be watched below along with the new album teaser.
Such class from these Swedish djentlemen!


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