This is one of those rare occasions that recent news will pop up in the Throwback Thursday segment. Modern Metal legends After The Burial have been kicking ass and taking names for awhile now. Seven years ago, they independently released their hard hitting debut “Forging A Future Self”. Since then, they’ve signed with the legendary Sumerian Records and have released two albums, the classic “Rareform” and “In Dreams”.

When current vocalist Anthony Notarmaso joined the Minnesota Metal unit back in 2008, they successfully re-recorded “Rareform”. Well it seems that history repeats itself in more ways than one. After The Burial have re-recorded songs from their original album with the inclusion of Anthony and may be releasing them all sometime before their fourth studio album drops later this year. Who knows? Maybe they’ll re-release the whole thing. There’s a lot to look forward to from ATB!

They’ve been talking about this course of action to crowds on tour for awhile now and even mentioned it in the February update here, but the first musical evidence just arrived this week with the impressive, updated version of the fan favorite “A Steady Decline”. It sounds too good! Definitely looking forward to the possibility of enjoying the rest of the album, especially a 2013 version of “Pi (The Mercury God Of Infinity)” to follow up the original and 2011 versions. Go ahead and give the remastered track a listen along with some more goods.

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