Okay, hold on people. What you're about to see may cause some debate amongst metalheads.

Compressorhead is a forthcoming band from Germany but they only perform covers. You might think there are thousands of meaningless cover-bands in Germany, why should this be interesting? Well, the absurd fact is that Compressorhead's line up is completely made of…robots! Yeah, here you have three metal-as-fuck robots playing real guitar, bass and drums. The line up is made up of Stickboy (founding automaton and 4-handed
drummer), Fingers (guitars) and Bones (bass).

The band has been showcased in several international festivals and music expos and some people have already claimed that this is the future of music. This band is able to perform songs but obviously isn't able to compose its own music. That's a thing that only the great human mind will be able to do. In the meantime, we can say this is a funny experiment and an amazing technological project. Take a look at the videos below and check these machines out!




Links: Facebook // Official Website