Question The Architect are back at it with a brand new single! The instrumental prog metallers have progressed with the release of “Crimson Currency” aka blood money. Expect musical creativity and Morgan Freeman… seriously.

And considering it’s Free Music Monday, you better believe the single is available for FREE! Get that blood money here. You can also grab their 2012 debut “The Demonstration” for the price of your choosing here! Enjoy!

“We are a goup of self taught musicians with a shared drive for creativity. Hard work and dedication has gone into this band, and the music produced exemplifies this. Our recording and art work was done in-house by computer wizard Jason Kadow.

The concept of Question the Architect is not to force our opinions, rather a challenge to question your own. As the architects of our lives, we encourage open-mindedness, empathy, and cooperation. The complexity of all that is provides an infinite number of opportunities to learn, teach and explore. For the advancement of humanity as a collective, we challenge to question the architect.”

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp