After a long and exhausting wait with several delays, Lifeforms’ long awaited debut full-length finally dropped today! Coming straight from the mothership, you can expect some massive space jams.

This band got their first real recognition with the 2011 EP “Synthetic”, the follow up to their debut “Illusion”. These efforts elevated Lifeforms over the mass of “djenty” deathcore bands that kept appearing during the time. Come to think of it, they never did stop appearing. This djent and deathcore mix might be considered a bit overplayed now, but when this band came out with their first EPs this style was still in it’s first stages. This caused Lifeforms to stand out amongst the masses, and they actually still do. Their fan-base increased during the past year in which they produced and hyped up their debut full-length release “Multidimensonal”. Several problems occurred during that process. But in the end, the band managed to deliver a quality package with worthy production and a BIG sound.

The album opens with a short instrumental track called “Descent Into Madness”. It’s introduced by an ambidjent section and followed up by heavy guitar riffage, introducing us to this band’s monumental guitar tone. After that we immediately encounter the title-track “Multidimensional”. This first full track features typical djent riffage with not so complex structure and a slow tempo. Somehow it’s kinda catchy with a redeeming heavy and hard-hitting approach. Not so groovy but damn powerful.

The groove really kicks in with the following track “Illogical”. This is a faster song that was already featured on the “Synthetic” EP. It may cause some injuries due to excessive headbanging if it hasn’t already. Moshing shall be insane with this song. Easily one of the best episodes this album has to offer. Track 4 is the first single, “String Theory”, which has already been proven as an original track with complex structure constantly supported by Howie’s massive vocals. His deep and powerful growls own the entire release, alternated with some very nice high screams. A lot of people complained about this song’s lyrics, which may actually look kind of dumb. But if you listen carefully, you’ll realize their rhythmic structure perfectly follows the unique riffage. They also fit perfectly with the concept of the album, so he actually delivered all the song needs in my opinion.

Bouncy grooves are delivered in the following track “The Ones”, inducing irresistible headbanging in an insane, heavy assault. The djenty attacks endure into the following song, “Digitalize”, featuring nice off-beat madness in the beginning along with more embellishments throughout. One of the best surprises on the album is the 7th track “Reflections II”, sequel to the original “Reflections” (easily the best song from their “Synthetic” EP). It is the most melodic and atmospheric song from the album. It actually has more of a metalcore attitude. This with the inclusion of some really nice clean vocals make it possibly the most outstanding segment of the album.

The following track is the already known. “Paradox” was also featured on “Synthetic”. It doesn’t actually bring anything new besides better recording and production quality. It features a melodic section with clean vocals as well. This is an element Lifeforms could definitely explore in the future.

A liquid electronic interlude (very similar to the ones on Periphery’s albums) leads us the final track “Home”, the second single taken from the album. It’s already known for it’s huge riffage and atmospheric passages, leaving its mark as another track to remember.

It has to be said that nowadays this stuff is some of the most generic music around. Yet this band showed they’re able to bring that generic sound on a much higher / more interesting level than the majority of bands out there. Lifeforms really emerged from the mass of “djenty” deathcore bands because of their extreme efforts, unique guitar tone, amazing production quality and their ability to make the music they write sound straight up massive. Compared to most similar music produced today, this is a brilliant album.

It’s definitely not exempt from some flaws. For example, it took a long time to be released and the sound quality is definitely worth it, but we find ourselves with only 6 full new songs (not including the intro and interlude). In any case, this album honestly went beyond my expectations but it’s kinda disappointing to see that it had the untapped potential to be truly amazing. Segments were smothered by rushed songwriting (I might be wrong on this point but that’s what it sounds like). Some passages actually sound too generic.

Anyways, as I said before, this is still an outstanding release. Lifeforms deserve recognition for the hard work they’ve been putting in lately. The big steps they’ve been taking form their last EP are apparent. Check out some massive tunes from “Multidimensional” above and you’ll see what I mean. Aliens \m/


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