Another week, more quality music. This week features the return of Tesseract, another release by veteran metallers Dark Tranquility and another album from Alice in Chains among many other releases.

Tesseract’s “Altered State” has been covered pretty well already I’d say. The band released plenty of teasers and a lot of anticipation has been built for this one, culminating in an early release of the album via a youtube stream. But today is finally the day the album hits stores. The progressive metallers are back with their sophomore release after a tumultuous couple of years. If you want more information on this album check out our album review here.

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Veteran melodic death metallers Dark Tranquility are back with their tenth studio album. Dark Tranquility is one of the remaining bands from the earliest wave of bands to appear out of the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene and its encouraging to see them still going strong. Their new album, titled “Construct” sounds stylistically similar to a lot of Dark Tranquility’s work. The band is staying true to the Gothenburg melodic death melodic sound and proving the style is still definitely relevant. The album comes out today on Century Media records.

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Grunge/metal band Alice in Chains is back with their fifth, and second post Layne Staley, album titled “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” today. The album has been described by the band as the logical progression of the Alice in Chains sound. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell has said that the band is easily recognizable as Alice in Chains work, but is a new twist and evolution of the sound. The album title, and lyrics of the title track, seem to indicate that this album will feature some criticism of religion, a pretty mainstay topic in metal music. If you are a fan of the group’s previous album “Black Gives Way to Blue,” it’s probably a pretty safe bet to pick this one up as well.

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