Here is one brutal lady. Angela Gossow is 100% woman and 110% metal. She is widely known through the metal world for her fearsome delivery and feminine charm. Leading the march of the legendary, Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Arch Enemy, her ripping screams have pierced ears and hearts worldwide.

To many, Angela is seen as an inspirational figure. She encourages both women and men alike from every corner of this planet to stand up and be fucking metal \m/

Arch Enemy has released a total of nine full-length studio albums since their inception in 1996. It should be noted Angela joined up in 2000, but she’s fully adopted the band as her own and steered them in the right direction since. Their latest effort “Khaos Legions” (Warhammer anyone?) was dropped in 2011.

Currently the band has two big projects in the works. First off, you better believe there’s new music on the way. Arch Enemy is planning to release their tenth studio album sometime next year! On top of that, they’re aiming to film a live DVD sometime before the end of this year! Keep your eyes peeled for the incoming greatness. While you’re waiting, check some of the band’s previous greatness below!

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