Jeff Hanneman hasn’t even been gone for a month and already the mighty Slayer has suffered another blow. This time at their own hands. Following the contract struggles that occurred between Lombardo and guitarist Kerry King that forced Lombardo to miss tour dates with Slayer, Lombardo has been replaced by former Lombardo replacement Paul Bostaph.

This is the second time time that Lombardo has been given the boot from Slayer. Paul Bostaph replaced Lombardo for much of the 90s. Albums “Divine Intervention”, punk cover album “Undisputed Attitude”, “Diabolus in Musica”, and “God Hates Us All” all featured drumming done by Bostaph. The guy is no slouch either. Post Slayer, Bostaph saw stints in thrash legends Exodus and Testament as well.

Technically Bostaph has the chops for the job, but he lacks that extra Slayerness that Lombardo’s drumming embodies. But whatever, it isn’t my choice if he hits shit for Slayer. If Lombardo is to be believed, Slayer has handled this whole problem very unprofessionally. Sad to see such an influential band fight like this but it’s certainly not the first time Slayer has had these problems.


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