Evan Brewer has been up to some serious kickassery throughout his career. Currently the bassist of The Faceless, he’s also slapped in Animosity and Reflux (with Tosin Abasi and Sumerian Records owner Ash Avildsen).  They don’t call him a bass master for nothing (no fish included).

For those of you who don’t know, he also has an incredible bass-based solo project. This first album “Alone” (2011) was written with bass as the only live instrument. Great record.

Now he’s following it up with a fusion of sound, throwing in drums, keyboards, guitar, and a few surprises. His new album “Your Itinerary” is slated to do some good damage on July 16th via Sumerian Records. So far he’s released a teaser, some updates, and just recently a brand new single called “Microscopic Scale” in support of this. All of the above are awesome. Give a listen below.

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