When Baroness was extremely unfortunate enough to be caught in that awful, debilitating bus crash a while back, it killed a ton of the bands momentum and put a halt to the band’s plans to tour in support of their very highly acclaimed album “Yellow & Green.” Which is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to metal bands. Not many people need a lesson in the importance of touring, but whatever here I go. These bands need to tour because touring is their job, that’s where the money comes from. So unplanned time off isn’t really doable for most metal underground bands.

Extended time off can keep bands out of the minds of fans and off of the pages of metal press. Touring keeps bands relevant in the eyes of those who matter, the fans who will pay for albums, pay for merch, and pay to see shows. Missed touring opportunities temporarily prevents bands from building their reputation as a solid live act worth paying for in the eyes of fans. This can keep bands from ever making it to the next level or headlining. Fans loved the most recent Baroness album, but unfortunately couldn’t see the music from it performed live as much as they wanted.

In perfect time to make up for this lost touring, and continue building momentum, Baroness has released a live ep, titled “Live at Maida Vale.” This EP was actually recorded way back, in July of 2012, about a year ago for the BBC. This four track album features stuff from “Yellow & Green” that you probably want to hear live. So go stream it and the link below and then go buy it.

– Trisolino

Links: Facebook // Official Website // EP Stream