Big 4 Thrash titan Megadeth have released a new video for the title track off of their most recent album “Super Collider.” I reviewed the bands latest offering as fairly as I could here. If you’re a Megadeth fan and somehow missed this new record, you can check out the new video, listen to some of the better songs from the album I’ve included and pick up the album. If you’re not a fan, check out this video for a couple laughs and move on.

The “Super Collider” video basically is about a situation where a nerd gets the girl after a long time. But like the girl liked the nerd in high school and her Dad, Dave Mustaine who looks like he could play the role of angry prison warden pretty damn well, is the only thing that kept them separated. And then at the 10th anniversary high school reunion, the girl goes and gets the grown up nerd and they run off, happy as can be. But I don’t get it? Why did it take 10 years plus for that to happen? This video is hilariously terrible, a perfect fit for the worst song off the album.

This brings me to my last point. This video is sooo bad. It’s just terrible. How did the once great thrasher Dave Mustaine see this and be satisfied enough to let it see the light of day? Should great bands hang it up when their creative primes are dead and gone? How can musicians continue their careers, they do make their living off of music, without starting a new band and completely starting over, but avoid completely ruining and tarnishing their legacy? No one wants to be a joke, and that’s exactly what a lot of these guys become. Megadeth included. So many questions, no answers.


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