Italian tech-heads Damned Spring Fragrantia released their debut album “Divergences” through Basick Records on June 24th (and you can read our review HERE). That same night they were supposed to play a show in Milan supporting Thy Art Is Murder, but the show was canceled because of an injury sustained by TAIM’s drummer. Fortunately they brought together another amazing show in a few days. And that show was their official release party. It took place on Saturday June 29th in Vicenza, north-east of Italy, with the support of two of the most interesting bands of our local scene: Despite Exile and Lies Of Nazca. After a long and adventurous travel by train I managed to get to the venue just in time to meet some friends and see the beginning of the show.

Lies Of Nazca took the stage about ten minutes after my arrival and I’m glad I made it to see their live debut. For those of you that don’t know these guys, they’re a new progressive deathcore band which debuted a few months ago releasing their first song and videoclip “Cosmogonal Grounds” and you can read their story HERE. They premiered a few new songs tonight which will be featured on their debut album, which we’ll have some updates for soon. After a first shy and frigid moment the crowd began to move when they played their already known single. From that moment onwards the show was really fun and there was a really good response from the audience that was already there (which was already a good number). They played a total of six songs and I’d like to focus your attention especially on the forth one called “We. Unrelenting Mechanism” which sounded insane. Keep an eye on these guys because they’ve got something sick coming for you in the near future.



Periapsis: Condemnation

Periapsis: New Form

Cosmogonal Grounds

We. Unrelenting Mechanism

I. Sideral Messiah

Cardinality Of Perfection


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After a short break, Despite Exile got on stage. A larger number of people arrived at the venue before and during their performance. I already had the chance to see these guys perform live, supporting The Algorithm, and I’m glad to claim that the quality of their live performance even improved. They brought an intense and energetic live show which started mosh pits and heavy headbanging in the first lines – especially during the second half of their set. A fast, groovy and heavy exhibition by a band that’s now capable of perfectly owning the stage and delivering an almost flawless performance. They opened their set with the song “Oscillate” and then performed some of their most known tracks like “Perfection Naturalized” and even a new song called “Immanence” that sounded pretty sick! Their last song was the single “Mecahnical” in which the band gave its real best. They’re working on some new material right now and they hope to release it in the beginning of 2014. Expect big things and more heavy gigs!




Pure Crimson

Perfection Neutralized

Immanence (New song)


Scarlet Reverie



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And now it’s time for the main event, the band we’re all here to celebrate. Damned Spring Fragrantia has brought our scene to be recognized by the prestigious label Basick Records. We’re proud of the results these guys achieved. So much that many of us decided to travel and get here to support them and have fun together. This was actually one of the funniest shows I’ve ever been to, a truly amazing party and an unforgettable night. The band immediately started off its set with the opening track of their album “Still Alive”, followed by “A Common Tragedy” and one of the most appreciated songs off their album “The Obsidian Fate”. Two of my favourite songs followed: “Drowned In Cyan” and the title track “Divergences”. The performance was solid and heavy, while the sound was clean and huge. The audience responded with crazy and weird moshing. We had human-bananas and inflatable crocodiles in the mosh pit, a giant bottle of beer crowdsurfing, and many people stage diving on the same bass drop of “DMZ”. The show was really funny and insane for the entire audience. Fruit madness aside, the band also performed “The Refusal Effect” and the single “Lost Shores” which ended their set. They didn’t have the time to perform the last song “Heritage” which should have ended their show, but the venue had trouble with the timing.

Regardless, it was amazing to meet a lot of good people and friends. We had fun all together on such an unforgettable night. We will meet Damned Spring Fragrantia again at Uk Tech-Metal Fest in a couple of weeks and I strongly recommend you all to come there and check ’em out!



Still Alive

A Common Tragedy

The Obsidian Fate

Drowned In Cyan



The Refusal Effect

Lost Shores


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