Video and additional reports coming soon!

Wendsday July 10th, 2013

Excited as hell, we reached the airport in time but our flight had been delayed. So we arrived at London’s Stansted Airport 45 minutes later than we expected. We lost our train and reached the venue at 10 pm. We immediately met that golden guy named Simon Garrod (owner of UK Tech-Metal Fest, Monolithic Music, and English Djentlemens Quarters). He showed us the camping and the press area. It was already very dark and it took around one hour to place our tent! Going to sleep now, had enough adventures for today.

Thursday July 11th, 2013

We woke up and started shooting some video around the camp grounds, slowly invaded by a lot of tech-heads for the very first early bird day. We met up with a lot of nice people and our friends in Damned Spring Fragrantia.

We attended the very first concerts and saw the massive performances from bands like Foreboding Ether, Red Enemy (which resulted to be one of the audience’s favourite performances), Black Tongue (Infant Annihilator side project) and Bloodshot Dawn.

We all couldn’t wait to see Monuments performance with Chris Barretto and it really went beyond our expectations. Their show was truly unbelievable. One of the best the band has ever done (their words). There were already a load of people to attend the show, way more than expected by the organizers themselves. We shot a bunch of sick videos of the Monuments performance. You’ll see them very soon.

Monuments’ performance took place on the second stage, literally invaded by this big crowd. I was so excited and amazed by the band and Chris’ performance that I wasn’t even able to memorize their setlist. I’m pretty sure they started with the new instrumental track “The Indulger” and continued with “Degenerate”, followed by (order is probably wrong and I’m probably missing some songs) “97% Static”, “Doxa”, “Empty Vassel Make The Most Noise” and “Regenerate”. They also played their new, yet unreleased, song somewhere during the set and finished it with “Admit Defeat”. As I said, there might be some mistakes in this setlist, because I was simply too amazed by everything happening there. I had already seen Monuments two times in Italy with Matt Rose, but there were just small crowds in small venues. Seeing them here in the UK, during Tech-Metal Fest with this beautiful crowd and with that brilliant performance from Chris Barretto was such an intense and memorable experience. I will never forget this night.

We were already having trouble with my PC that works terribly and it seemed like we wouldn’t have a wifi connection available during the weekend. It was also hard to find plugs and power, but we dealt with it. This festival hadn’t even already started, and it’s already one of the best events ever.

During the afternoon we also had the time to interview our friends in Damned Spring Fragrantia and enjoyed our camping life. It’s all amazing and it’s truly unbelievable for me to be here. And as I said – the real festival is not even started yet. I can’t wait for tomorrow.


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