Denmark’s Cold Night For Alligators released two tracks back in June. And both of these songs are free for download right here on Bandamp! “Transitions” and “Young Catalyst” are songs that share djent and metalcore influences. Or better yet, “gentlecore.” No? Okay.

Cold Night For Alligators has a few notable features that work well for them. Obviously, some of the lead guitar work is quite attention grabbing. And their use of electronic elements accent them perfectly. The first sound heard as “Transitions” begins can also be heard late in “Young Catalyst.” The similar effect used in different ways is interesting and it ties the two songs together.

Cold Night For Alligators participated in the UK Tech Fest this summer on the same stage as Drewsif Stalin, Skyharbor and Veil Of Maya. Fans of those groups may very well enjoy this band too.

– Tyler Dermitt