Emerging from Michigan, Endeavors are a band that no longer exists…. Buuuut, they put a new album out a mere two months ago. And from the looks of it, their “cult” following will live on with their brief legacy.

This is a Metalcore band known for opening up pits. They provide a very dark and downtrodden twist on this heavy music niche. Not exactly original, but definitely fun and relentless. This falls under the category of simple but effective.

And just to up the ante, the band recently declared their latest album “Sleepwalkers” available for “name your price” downloads. Go ahead and grab it on Bandcamp if you enjoy what you hear.

I don’t recommend this one to the depressed listeners out there. The music is enjoyable but the vocalist damn near constantly goes on about how much his life sucks (not in a good way).

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