This will be the last Women Who Mosh segment I post for a little while. I took over segment for one of our old writers and frankly don’t have the inclination to keep it up right now. It has been fun though and may make a come back through either myself or a future writer who actually has a feminine side.

Onto business…

Active since ’94, Lacuna Coil is a Symphonic Metal band hailing from the hollowed land of Italy. They also bring some Gothic and Hard Rock elements into the fold. Over time they’ve released a series of successful albums, building up one helluva fan base and traveling all over the world in the process. Records such as “Karmacode” and “Comalies” come to mind with a special brand of darkened heaviness with a lady’s touch.

They were actually at one of the first metal shows I’ve ever attended alongside Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Disturbed, and a long list of other bands. I just remember the colors of the Italian flag cascading through lights across the crowd and this beautiful woman leading the charge with a wonderful, full-bodied voice.

Cristina Scabbia is one of those performers who is as talented as she is beautiful. A deadly combination to be sure. A certain musical intelligence is also quite clear while listening as she implements a number of techniques to match the darkened melodies of Lacuna Coil.

If you have a flair for all things symphonic and haven’t had a chance to enjoy this band before, I suggest you tune your ears down below.

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