New Music Tuesday is back! This one is a bit unconventional so follow along.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t count as new music, but this is certainly a new breed of release for the band. Meshuggah is celebrating their 25th anniversary by re-releasing limited editions of all of their albums from the debut “Contradictions Collapse” to the second latest “obZen”. Bonus tracks included. Catch (33) is, there will only be 2,500 copies of each album so grab them while you still can!

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Our Artist of the Week, Rivers of Nihil, happens to be putting out their debut full-length today! That’s what I call good timing. One listen to “The Conscious Seed of Light” is enough to see why we nominated them for the position. This is an impressive, hard-hitting Death Metal five-piece worth your attention. Grab the “The Conscious Seed of Light”, now out through Metal Blade Records!

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Maybe we’re slacking on new material or maybe we just want to melt your face off. Oblivion is another band doing a re-releasing an album today. At the beginning of this year they did a limited physical / digital release for their massive Death Metal debut “Called To Rise”. Since then, they’ve been signed to Unique Leader Records and are now doing a much wider physical release. Featuring original members from All Shall Perish, Antagony, Hacksaw To
The Throat, Feast, and critically acclaimed composer Nick Vasallo – it’s safe to say there’s lots of talent here. And it shows when you hit play.

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