Want some irresistibly amazing free music? Here’s the best news you’ll hear in a while. Our favourite UK label Basick Records has been named “label of the month” by no less than Amazon.co.uk. That means for the entire month of November, you can get a ton of Basick releases at a specially discounted price – just £4.49 for albums and £1.99 for EPs.

But the best is yet to come (or this shouldn’t be under Free Music Monday). The label is giving a 12 track sampler absolutely free! That includes Misery Signals, Circles, Skyharbor, No Consequence, Glass Cloud, Bear, The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, Aliases, Damned Spring Fragrantia, Dissipate and Chimp Spanner! That’s a shit load of amazing free music! You still there? Click on that link!


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