Towering, crushing, futuristic, Death Metal. There’s a massive sound coming out of Portugal. The dynamic team of Dirk Verbeuren (Aborted, Devin Townsend, Soilwork) wrecking the kit and Max Tomé delivering huge guitar work alongside guttural death chants yielded impressive results on 2012’s “Abrasive Peace” (read our review here). Things have changed as the hyper-talented Marcelo Aires has taken up the kit full-time and André Lourenço has picked up the bass. Together, they are Colosso. And they are intent on destroying you.

The band just released an elemental EP to follow up “Abrasive Peace”. “Thallium” pulls out all the stops on this metal unit’s second venture, introducing more elements and ideas into the heavy mix. If you’re interested, give a good listen below and “name your price” for the EP on Bandcamp!

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