The battle was fierce but in the end a victor stands. Out of the 100+ entries, Rune Berre came out on top. Congratulations to him and his nimble fingers! Check out what the band had to say about his solo along with the list of runner ups below.

You can also run through all the entries HERE. They’re all spectacular in their own right.

Rune blew us away with his completely original and fresh solo style. It’s unlike anything we heard before and it fits the solo section of this song so well!

The moment at 0.29 until 0.34 deserves some extra credit. It’s so lovely and elegant how his melody floats over the chord changes there. Instant goosebumps!

Rune’s note choice is evocative and uplifting, his technique and performance are chaotic yet ethereal. As a band who values originality and character above anything else, we think Rune is the true winner of this contest.

Congratulations, Rune!

Right from the start, you can tell Jack really means every note he is playing. His control over the instrument and his attitude are outstanding! Very well done, Jack!

We loved Al’s direct and honest approach. His melodies are memorable and tell a great story from beginning to end. Something that deserves some extra credit is Al’s timing, he manages to put groove into his solo playing, something you don’t hear every day. Very well done!

Joe is simply mindblowing to watch. His playing seems so effortless, both in terms of technique and maneuvering through the chord changes. We wish the audio would have been recorded at a higher quality though.

Luca impressed us with his incredibly smooth technique, tone and approach. Great story from beginning to end and executed beautifully!

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